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Environment, Climate Change and Health (M.Sc.)

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About the master's programme

During the last two decades it has been proven that environmental and climate changes are related to substantial physical and mental hazards of humans.
For an appropriate management of climate-, environment- and health-associated difficulties in near future, an emphasis must be given in the understanding of the correlation between environment, climate change and health from a scientific and educational point of view.

Profil of the master's programme

The master's programme Environment, Climate Change and Health is providing a broad knowledge of causal relations between environment, climate change and health based on an integrative, interdisciplinary perspective including natural science, economics, jurisprudence and social science.Thereby the master's course focuses on:

  • disease related to environmental and climate change
  • strategies to handle and prevent these medical conditions
  • mitigation and adaptation policies
  • interdependent responsibilities of policy, industry and general public
  • possibilities and strategies for a climate- and environment-firendly and healthy lifestyle

During the master's course you will be trained for solution-orientated management and many prospects for the linkage of theory and praxis will be given. In addition, as a student you will benefit from the global-orientied research cooperations and network of the university of Bayreuth also including the new campus in Kulmbach and the MedizinCampus Oberfranken.

Fields of employment

  • (Inter-)national Companies or Research Facilities
  • United Nations Development or Assistant Programmes
  • Political Instiutions or Political Consulting
  • Public Health Services
  • Consumers' Associtations
  • Media focussing on global change
  • Hospitals and Health Facilities

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